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Editable Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are meant to be easy to edit by anyone with a basic knowledge of the software. We truly believe in leveraging this aspect of PowerPoint presentations for the benefit of our clients.

While designing presentations for our clients we make sure that all the slides of the presentation are fully editable. This means that you can make the required modifications to the presentation delivered to you, without having to come to us for the slightest update on your presentation.

Infographics: Throughout the presentation, we use infographics in such a way that they are individually duplicable. For example if there is some fancy arrow or visual in which a couple of such elements need to be added, they can easily be duplicated and placed as desired on the same or any other slide of the presentation.

Text Containers: The text containers are also duplicable and the text placed on them is editable. The text containers that we use are in vector format, which makes them easily resizable, as well. This is useful in cases, when text present in such containers is edited and increases more than can fit in the existing containers.

Adding new slides: Moreover, a new slide can easily be added to the presentation using the template that has been thoughtfully designed for the presentation, in such a way that the title of the slide is in a consistent font, color and position on the slide, the background is consistent and newly added text automatically matches its font, color and size with the rest of the slides of the presentation.

Hence, our clients find it easy to make minor modifications to the presentations, at their end and are confident of even adding new slides with a basic layout already in place. This saves time and expense for our clients, giving them more value for the presentation, once outsourced to the PowerPoint designing services of Graphic Impressions.