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Makeover Plans

Graphic Impressions offers 3 levels of services for your PPT presentations:

Customized template

Enhancing visual representation of photographs or diagrams provided by client

Complying to color guide or color preferences

Customization of design or graphics

Content enhancements to raw data provided by client

Adding infographics and visuals relevant to content

Project Timeline

Iterations of feedback on delivered PPT (within project timeline)

Customized Makeover

  • All slides
  • All slides
  • 2 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Complete Makeover

  • 50% of slides
  • All slides
  • 2 weeks
  • 4
  • Classic Makeover

  • 50% of slides
  • 2 weeks
  • 2

  • Customized Makeover:

    This is a total makeover of your raw presentation. We work on each slide of the presentation, understanding the content and totally transforming each slide, using appropriate infographics, photographs etc.

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    Complete Makeover:

    We study your raw presentation and identify at least 50% of the slides that can be represented using appropriate visuals. We then design a template that is used for all the slides of the presentation. The identified slides are then designed individually transforming them with infographics. The remaining slides are given a basic clean-up.

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    Classic Makeover:

    We design a customized template for the presentation keeping in mind preferred colours or a colour guide if available. This template is applied to the slides of the presentation. We then do a basic clean-up of all the slides, in terms of standardizing fonts and sizes, text alignment and formatting, enhanced text containers and a spell check through the entire presentation.

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